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Delivering signatures on your schedule


MOBILE & Remote NOTARY offers Mobile and Remote Notary services for Virginia. As part of our services, we also offer permit running, line-waiting, rush filings and additional related errands. 

Just a few examples of documents we notarize:

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NNA# 160652078

N2PGrad: gzcknluae6

Power of Attorney
Government forms
Adoption papers
Family Court forms 

Employment forms

Travel consent

Medical Directives
Education forms
Trusts and Witnesses
Probate forms

Auto documents

...and more! Just call and ask!

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We are not licensed attorneys, we can not practice law and may not give legal advice about immigration or any other legal matter or accept fees for legal advice. We cannot recommend an attorney.

General Notaries are not allowed to notarize Wills or Codicils; however, may notarize Attestations.

General Notaries may not notarize Marriage Licenses nor perform Marriages or Civil Unions.

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