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Google Identites?

Do you use Google Chrome identities? Have you heard of this GLORIOUS feature? If not, stick around! by Angi Ingalls of Lost In Office Space

I love Google platform and utilize most of it. It’s perfect for at the office, on the go, checking in through my cell and if I pop up in someone else’s office, library or coffee shop. Why is it so great? You can utilize it ANYWHERE with no downloads, no apps, no logins other than your Gmail account.

Today, I’m going to talk to you about the Google Identities…or “People”. If you have one-on-one clients and work remotely, this is a great tool. If you have different niches, this is a great tool. If you want to distinguish personal use from business on the same computer ... well you get it.

As an outsourced office manager and bookkeeper, I have a handful of clients. My job is to work closely with each of them, working deep within their company. What better way to manage my clients than Google Identities?

When I first take on a client, one of the early tasks I do is ask them if they use Google browser for their surfing. Most often it’s yes. I then will open their google and create them a business identity. I copy all bookmarks that are relevant from the unassigned browser to the new identity and teach them to keep the two separate. Once that has been created, I link their business email to the business Google identity. This “assigns” the “person” I created to the email. Now, it’s linked together.

I then do the same on my computer. I also tie their email to the identity of their company I created in my computer (yes, they need to give you their password if you’re not able to allow them to hand-type it in themselves). Now we are synced together. Every bookmark they utilize for their business, I see as well. I also can create a new folder from my computer and add any bookmarks I want them to have. Next time they login, it will show on their end. No matter how far away they are!

This is such a great tool when you want to keep things separate from other clients, reduces confusion and disorganization and aids the client as well. Let’s face it, not all clients are tech savvy.

Another great aspect? I happen to have the same bank as one of my clients. When I log onto my bank account from my identity, it remembers ME. I don’t have to “switch accounts” because when I do it in their Google Identity, it remembers them. Same with social media! I can have my browser up, I can have another browser open for client A and then another for client B - all at the same time. I can be on everyone’s Facebook account at the same time, just bouncing between screens with no change in login protocols.

There are so many ways to utilize this feature suitable for your company. Check it out! Start by making a business identity and a personal one. Start brainstorming what you can do with it! Enjoy!

Angi Ingalls of

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