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Hired. Now what?

Many people are unsure how to proceed when finally settling on a Notary or everything a Notary can do for them. In this blog, we will discuss what you need to do to prepare for the notarial act...a notaries signature, stamp and/or embosser.

First, you need to find out the price and method of payment. Most mobile notaries will want payment up front before the notarization. It is New York law that you get a detailed list of fees up front before ever accepting services. In a brick-and-mortar location, these fees must be posted. Mobile Notaries should give you or email you a list. In New York, the actual signature can cost no more than $2 per signature. With our Mobile Notary service, all signature fees are waved.

Second, you'll need a photo up-to-date government-issued Identification (drivers license, US military card, resident alien card, or US passport). Some notaries may ask for more than one ID to confirm your identity, don't be alarmed. This important step helps prevent fraud, the very reason Notaries exist.

Then, you would need to provide the proper documents to sign. It is not the responsibility of the notary to supply the appropriate forms. If you are unsure of all the documents you need for a certain task, have that conversation with your Lawyer or ask a County Clerk or official of the intended receiver. Make sure all of the documents are accurate, in full and ready to be notarized with every field complete. In New York, you can sign before hand, but it's generally encouraged to wait for your Notary appointment.

Finally, all signers must be physically present in front of the notary. No exceptions! All other options are unlawful in New York. Any notary willing to notarize without the physical presence of the signee(s), the notary would be charged with a felony and your documents could be discredited.

When you follow these steps, your notarial act will go smoothly.

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