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LIOS Mobile Notary Service

In our line of work, we have discovered that finding a notary when you need one may make your head explode.

What’s the first thing you would do to find a notary for that important deadlined document? Would you do a search online? Would you ask a friend or a coworker? Or scream out the window "Who's a notary!"?

No one really thinks about it until they need one. Notaries are that little hidden treasure just sitting there waiting to be discovered.

The next issue is when and where to get your documents formalized. When can you fit it in your schedule? Do you have to go to city hall and wait in a line? Do you have to wait for a lunch break? Will it fit your timeline? Then, of course, you need time to deliver the notarized documents.. today, another time? All of these questions speed through the mind when contemplating the method.

You may already have some answers; such as, city hall. This is definitely one solution but comes with its own issues, like getting there, lines and available hours which all could tie up a lot of your precious time. Another you may have heard of is a bank. This also comes with challenges like scheduling and waiting for them to be done with a previous customer who may linger. A scant option could be postal stores, but they may not have one on duty when you need one.

With LIOS Mobile Notary Services,

...we provide solutions by coming to you,

......on your timeline to meet a deadline

.........and following through with your submissions.

Let us handle this stresser for you today.

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