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Your Back End needs you!

Whats the one thing I come across the most with my clients?

The underestimation of the back-office influence and importance to the success of the business.

Many small business owners are great at what they do – the basis to their companies, the services they decided to provide to others, customer service. Most of them put great energy into their customer skills (and bravo for that) but then forget they need to put the same energy into all-things-back-office to remain successful and in business.

Let’s break down the areas to focus.

[Further discussion on each area will be in future blogs].

The main foundation of your company – Bookkeeping

Branding and Company Analytics

Management Systems

Quality of Services you provide

Customer Data

Vendor Data, Contracts and Services

Employees and/or Independent Contractors

Let’s face it, without these areas being well cultivated – your company could end up in great debt, angry customers and vendors which lead to a major dent to your companies integrity, YOUR integrity.

If one of these areas fall or fail, it creates a domino effect and the eventual, inevitable, suffering of your business. It’s important to create a healthy foundation in order to prosper, maintain or grow.

So, over the next few blogs, I will discuss each of these areas in greater detail. I’ll give you tips and some effective work arounds. What can this do for you? Reduce stress, reduce risk factors, the path to better growth and, in the long run, save you some valuable time that can be better spent.

Stay tuned for more!

Angi Ingalls of Lost in Office Space

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